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Cliff Notes


No Excuses [1:50]

  • “I Don’t Feel Like It!”

Relentless Rundown [4:47]

  • Celsius Negative Calorie Deception
  • Are Anti-Oxidants Overhyped?
  • Home-Made Suspension Trainer
  • A Perspective on the Real Root of Child Obesity
  • The Mountain Dog Diet

Relentless Laboratory[12:00]

  • Intermittent Fasting Halfway Update

Relentless Challenge [17:03]

  • 500 Jump-Rope Revolutions

3 Questions [18:45]

  1. What did you take control of today?
  2. How have you overcome the excuse “I just don’t feel like it”?
  3. How fast did you crush 500 jump-rope revolutions?

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  • Simon Voggeneder

    Hi Roger,

    this TV format you have created is a very professional approach to documenting a full transformation of body and mind. I really like it and think you're doing a great job as its moderator.

    As for excuses, I had to face the “I don't feel like it” excuse yesterday. It's those times when a bit of tiredness and some aching body part makes you skip your workout – if you let that happen. Knowing that it would work out fine if I just got started (I promised myself to do an easy workout to convince my inner voice) the workout really turned out fine.

    It really strenghtened my resolve to train even if I do not feel like it.

  • Roger Dickerman

    Simon: Thank you for the kind words, and I'm glad you got involved in the discussion!

    You provide the perfect example of how to overcome the excuse. You took the first step. Your body was aching a bit, but you took it slow, and like you said it turned out fine. Keep building that resolve one workout at a time!

  • Jennifer Siegel

    1. What did you take control of today?
    todays a tough one. some days feel like they are running with or without you and today was one of those! i am taking control of the whole day! its a matter of saying that im not just along for the ride. I determine how it turns out. its incredibly empowering to change your mindset like that.

    2. How have you overcome the excuse “I just don’t feel like it”?
    its all about the baby steps for me. just get to the gym. the rest usually works itself out.

    3. How fast did you crush 500 jump-rope revolutions?
    you tell me! i cant remember. but 2:30! HOLY COW BATMAN! thats impressive!

  • Roger Dickerman

    Instead of telling you your old time, why not just jump 500 again? ;)

  • Theorytopractice

    Hey, another great show, Roger. I love the format, presentation and information! And hey, thanks for the shout-out!

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  • Personal Trainer London

    Great video Roger. A very professional format and some great tips for those wanting to change their lives and get motivated. Excuses are something we have to overcome every day as fitness trainers working with our clients. The baby steps approach is perfect… we can all make excuses for not doing something and its important to re-focus on what we are trying to achieve. Focus is key for getting beyond initial excuses and to start forming our long-term fitness habit.

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