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Intro [0:43]

  • Metro Dash

Relentless 360 [3:09]

  • Forest Bathing

Relentless Workout [10:51]

  • Kettlebell Bear Crawls

1 Question [12:52]

  • What is your personal favorite form of nature therapy?

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  • Ken

    My form is absolutely one of 2 things: a) sitting at the ocean, because it makes you feel small, and feeling small in this world is important for the mind, in my opinion, or b) going to our family's cabin in the Poconos: sits on a 33-acre lake, has no running water (!), and lets you slow down everything in your life and experience this world as it's meant to be experienced. “No running water” brings new meaning to the phrase “forest bathing.” Get in that lake with the Ivory soap (it floats)!

  • Roger Dickerman

    Ken – Did I tell you my vacation is to the Poconos? Granted I think we'll have running water (you have me beat there), but there will be no shortage of forest bathing!

  • Beth F.

    Does Washington Square Park count as forest? Probably not! :) But I do prefer working out there to almost anywhere else!

  • Denise

    the beach, as soon as I hit that bay smell it's like all the tension flows from my body. Sitting with my feet dug deep in the sand and watching the surf dance it's rhythms, makes my mind relax.

  • Roger Dickerman

    Washington Square certainly counts for something! It exceeds the greenery count exhibited by the vast majority of Philadelphia!

  • Roger Dickerman

    If I'm not mistaken, you're there right now! Hope you are enjoying the time away!

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