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Cliff Notes


  • Live Intentionally

Relentless Rundown [2:32]

  • Neurological Cost of Training
  • Low Carb Diets Result in Improved Cholesterol
  • 5-Minute Plank Progression
  • Pro Push-up
  • Meat Made Us Smarter
  • The Cost of Fitness ‘Perfection’

Relentless Laboratory[9:43]

  • Intermittent Fasting Experiment Wrap-Up

Relentless Workout [11:52]

  • Tabata Intervals

3 Questions [14:08]

  1. Have you been doing your push-ups correctly?
  2. Has the Intermittent Fasting Experiment wrap-up changed your IF outlook?
  3. Which Tabata did you try and what did you think?

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  • carla costa

    I like IF. I find that I am a lot less concerned with what time I should eat and I can now establish whether I am really hungry or just peckish.

    MY IF goes as follows: eat last meal at 8 PM. Eat first and biggest meal @ 12 AM, eat a snack halfway through the afternoon eat dinner and maybe another snack.

  • theorytopractice

    Great show, Roger. “Live intentionally” — 'nuff said. That *is* what this is all about!

  • Roger Dickerman

    Carla – I'd echo your positive thoughts on IF. Your habits sound fairly consistent with mine, although the variable that sometimes rearranges my meal size/timing is workout time.

    Did you try out the Challenge?

  • Roger Dickerman

    Thanks Keith! It makes it that much easier to discuss a message when it can be summed up in a phrase. I'm happy to give laser focus to Relentless TV's fundamental purpose.

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