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Relentless Resources [:45]

Keith Norris: Theory to Practice [1:10]

Who is Keith Norris? [1:45]

Theory to Practice: On the Surface [2:40]

Theory to Practice: Under the Hood [3:40]

  • Premise #1 – Clear Your Mind
  • Premise #2 – Embrace Your Genetics
  • Premise #3 – Exercise Hard, but Not Necessarily Often
  • Premise #4 – Overcome a Steep Learning Curve and Achieve Flow
  • Premise #5 – This Can Only Be an N=1 Experience
  • Premise #6 – Diet and Exercise = Yin and Yang

Three Bonus Topics [9:10]

  • Sparking a Revolution
  • Diet: You Need Not Be Perfect
  • Live Intentionally

A Move to Efficient Exercise [13:30]

Breaking Down Stereotypes: The True Fitness Professional [14:10]

Behold the Trainer Oath [16:23]

Keith’s Recommendations [17:27]

  • Workout – Litvinov (20 heavy front squats or kettlebell swings + 40 second sprint)
  • Activity – Cycling (mountain and fixed speed urban racing)
  • Reading – Cormac McCarthy, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Bruce Lipton (epigenetics), Shunryu Suzuki (Zen)
  • Tunes – None!

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  • Meesus TTP

    Roger, really wonderful interview…I am biased, Meesus TTP here. Thanks for the great shout outs to Skyler & EE, too! You have such a great TV presence.

    Thanks again!

  • Keith Norris

    Yeah, I'm a bit biased as well :) but that, in my opinion was a fantastic episode! Seriously, it was a pleasure working with you on this. Now, what can we do with that 10k+ word document we created? :) Didn't we solve all the world's problems in that piece?

    Oh, and just a shout-out to Dan John, who is, as far as I can tell, *the* “inventor/discovery agent” for the Litvinov workout. I don't know what it is about the combination (any combination thereof!) of lifting and sprinting, but it *is* brutally efficient and highly effective.

  • Beckanstee

    Awesome! Keith is extraordinary but truly a regular person with the same stress and responsibilities as anyone you know. He is accessible and human. He doesn't BS. Lookin good nekked is a huge bonus from working out!

    TTP is a gem of a blog that continues to be at the top of my dwindling blog roll. This is a FANTASTIC synopsis of his blog that I would share with those being introduce to paleo/HIIT.

  • Skyler Tanner

    Hey Roger,

    Thanks for the shout out! We're looking forward to raising the profession to new levels with the inclusion of Keith.


  • Roger Dickerman

    No problem Skyler – thanks for checking out the episode. It looks like you have a great thing going down there in Austin!

  • Roger Dickerman

    Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed! That's a huge reason why I gravitated to TTP – Keith represents a 'normal' guy dealing with everyday stressors and responsibilities, yet doing such a darn good job of it!

  • Roger Dickerman

    Thanks Keith! You're absolutely right, that 10k piece needs to be in the hands of world leaders! …or at the very least, our readers/viewers. I am sure we'll make that happen in the near future.

  • Roger Dickerman

    It's an honor Meesus TTP! Hope you are enjoying Austin!

  • Fit Lifestyle Chef


    passion is something that is very easy to recognize but only a few people have it. I like a lot your site, the quality of the information is top notch. Keep up the good work!

    We need more passionate people, we need more people like Keith, we need more people like you!


    The Fit lifestyle Chef :)

  • Fit Lifestyle Chef

    wish i could read the document

  • Roger Dickerman

    Here to stay Chef and excited to keep bringing the fire & passion! Keep me posted on fit lifestyle – I'd like to see what you have in store for your website.

    Not to worry, Keith and I will put our heads together and find the right way to release the document.

  • Fit Lifestyle Chef

    It's almost ready, i have to make some small adjustments and by the of the week i hope to hit the “publish” button for the first time.

    i hope to grow together with this site.

    Keep in touch,

    Fit lifestyle Chef

  • Fit Lifestyle Chef

    looking for your next episode :)

  • Roger Dickerman

    Coming soon! (Thanks for commenting and keeping me sharp)

    This last piece was actually released from vacation. Recently returned, playing a little catchup, and producing some new content asap. Looking forward to it!

  • Fit Lifestyle Chef

    I couldn't wait any longer and I've start to post on my blog also.

    Pretty soon (next Monday) i will have it working at full potential

    It's my pleasure Roger

  • Fit Lifestyle Chef

    I couldn't wait any longer and I've start to post on my blog also.

    Pretty soon (next Monday) i will have it working at full potential

    It's my pleasure Roger

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