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Change Week [1:00]

  • The Psychology of Change

Relentless Laboratory [4:30]

  • The Intermittent Fasting Experiment

Tools of Relentless [10:00]

  • TRX Band

Relentless Challenge [11:00]

  • 20 Full TRX Getups

3 Questions [14:00]

  • What was the driving force behind your greatest change to date?
  • How do you predict my IF Experiment will go?
  • What is your favorite TRX Band exercise?

Leave Your Answers – Comment!

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  • Jenn Siegel

    1) What was the driving force behind your greatest change to date?
    transformation – i accomplished more than i ever thought i would. the goal was to lose weight and get to a size i had never been. the motivation was the sense of accomplishment i would feel when i got there. any it was worth it!!

    2) How do you predict my IF Experiment will go?
    itll be a huge success! you dont do anything that doesnt soar!!

    3) What is your favorite TRX Band exercise?
    my favorite is anything we did with it in washington square! also love the full get ups and bi & tri stuff.

    Riss is an awesome whiteboard artist! :)
    PS – is effectuated at word??

  • Roger Dickerman

    You 100% rocked the Transformation – no doubt about that one.

    PS – Effectuated is a word. You've got to at least check on that one before calling me out ;)

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